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Why Use This Page To Capture Screen

We keep browsing webpages, and we would like to save some.

Windows / MacOS X 's screen capture tool is good, but not enough.

We find that:

  • Use browser plug-in getting good effect, but too many tricks as virus in.
  • We need a top-to-bottom page capture, not just things what displayed on current screen.
  • For some NSFW pages, or some pages we don't like let our supervisor know, ect...
  • Browse on a smart phone right now, but try to visit and capture PC version website.
  • Browser's 'save as' function seems bad and bad day by day.

  • So we come to here:

  • Full page screen capture, and you can chooce your browers settings.
  • No trackings by office network gateway.
  • Can choose time-lapse if website need more time to load extra images.

  • But without:

  • Login support. Means no private info captured.
  • Result pages generated by a submition action, or in other words a page which cannot be visited by a simple URL link.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: we always follow the local laws in your area. If you try to break it, you take your own responsibility!